Bad credit car loan online — a specialty

First clue: If a Web site says everybody is accepted, be very skeptical.

You want a serious loan from a reputable lender. Facts are facts, and there are some people (multiple repos, for instance) a serious lender just won't touch.

Online car loans

Not all bad credit car loan Web sites are created equal.

The days of taking advantage of credit-challenged people are gone. The Internet has leveled the playing field.

Instead of learning your loan rate in a dealership F&I office, you can see them on Web sites such as You can learn about manufacturer rebates at places such as You can learn about sneaky dealer tricks at sites such as or the series "Confessions of a Car Salesman."

Another trick is a car loan site that will ask you for all your personal information -- but won't list any information about themselves. It's a sure tip-off -- and it's why we put our address on every page. You can call us toll-free if you want to apply by phone.

Finally, most online car loan sites are going to send you to a dealer. We will, too, but we're not going to be sneaky about it. We do that because that's how 80 percent of all cars are sold in the U.S., and that's where banks, credit unions and other lenders feel most comfortable operating. It's not a conspiracy, it's a fact of automotive economics.

So apply today. Our dealers can slot you to the best loan rate your credit score will allow. If you don't like the terms or vehicles, you walk away. Simple as that.

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