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We help people with bad credit get a real-life car loan.


People tell us our bad credit car loan process is super easy.
• was founded by a third-generation car selling family on a kitchen table
• went nationwide with the 1-800-Car-Loan apply-by-phone program
• has processed more than 5 Million applications in the last 20 years.

But enough about us -- what's in it for you?
• Speed. Our online car loan application takes just a minute to complete.
• Security. We protect your personal information with an encrypted application.
• Service. Showing up at a dealership on an appointment basis, financing in progress, changes everything. You're not just some "up" getting the next salesman in line. You're a step ahead.

In our years of helping people overcome a fear of dealers -- not to mention the fear of getting turned down for credit -- we've come to see that the fear of bad credit is worse than bad credit. On a three-year, $7,000 car loan, you can be fixing your credit for a dollar a day -- and driving something better while you're at it! What can sound like a really high interest rate turns out, once you do the math, to be cheaper than a daily cup of convenience store coffee.

Read our testimonials from bad credit car loan customers to see for yourself, and be sure to read our minimum car loan credit requirements page.

We're not one of those "Everybody Rides!" kind of outfits, but we can help most folks. See for yourself. No obligation, you know.

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We believe that in a world of slick sales pitches, plain talk is what people want to hear. So here goes

We've been helping people get a bad credit car loan since 1989. People just like you.