Poor credit car loans: testimonials from our auto loan customers

Proof that poor credit doesn't
end your hope of a car loan

Comments from satisfied Car-Loan customers

Listen to what some of our poor credit car loan customers are saying about us:

"Buying a car can be a frightening process. After filling out Car-loan.com's application, I was contacted by a dealer who was experienced in helping with troubled credit."
--EB Morristown, NJ

"The application was simple and fast. The dealer called me the same day, and before I knew it, I was in a new car."
--PR Midlothian, IL

"My bank turned me down for a car loan. Car-loan .com put me in touch with a dealer who worked hard to get me the loan that I needed."
--TE Poughkeepsie, NY

"The dealer got me a better rate on my loan than I ever would have expected! Thanks Car-loan.com!"
-- MS, Richmond, VA

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