Car loans for people with a really bad credit history. Tight but not impossible.

Really bad credit car loans

We don't promise miracles but we've helped a lot of people

If you're currently in bankruptcy, or if you've had a vehicle reposessed within the last 12 months, we can't offer you a car loan at this time.

We can say, however, that once your bankruptcy is cleared, you can expect offers in the mail from all kinds of lenders. Be advised that some of these offers will be better than others, so don't be afraid to shop around.

People with bad credit fall into what's known as the subprime lending market, but not all subprime lenders -- or subprime customers -- are the same. While some lenders will not go below a credit score of 650,our network lenders routinely finance people with credit scores in the 500s. We can even report some successful cases with scores as low as 450.

Be sure to read our credit requirements page, be sure to read our bad credit loan tips page, and be sure to take this point away most of all. It's a great time to be buying a car because dealers are getting crushed.

Good time to be a bad credit car loan customer, too. Dealers aren't exactly turning away customers nowadays. You only need to hit some pretty simple bad credit car loan minimums, and once you qualify, you'll see mind-boggling deals on 08 close-outs. Even brand new 09s are hitting the market with incentives.

Applying online lets you see where you stand without putting you under any obligation. Drive away or walk away, the choice is always yours. We are fully aware that life is what happens while you're making other plans, and not many people foresaw today's gold rush for a nation full of discounted cars.

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When researching loans for really bad credit, be advised does not list rates for scores under 500.


We still have lenders, credit crunch and all, that will look at 500 scores.

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